Supreme Court restrains Nagananda from filing Public Interest Litigations: Full SC decision

The Sri Lankan Supreme Court has ruled that Nagananda Kodituwakku is guilty of professional misconduct and has been removed from the office of Attorney-at-Law.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court has imposed an additional restriction by restraining him from filing Public Interest Litigations (PIL) in their personal capacity. The Court reasoned that allowing him to engage in PIL would essentially nullify the purpose of his disbarment.

"Taking into consideration that this is the second instance that the respondent was found guilty of professional misconduct, and the nature of the grave misconduct of the respondent referred to in the Rule, the aforementioned Rule is affirmed," the Supreme Court said.

"We hold that the respondent is guilty of malpractice. Hence the respondent is removed from the office of Attorney-at-Law. Further, the respondent is restrained from filing public interest litigation in his personal capacity as such conduct would nullify the said decision to remove the respondent from the office ofAttorney-at-Law."


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