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LONDON, July 30, 2013 (AFP) – Almost 100 foreign suspected war criminals were found to be living in Britain last year after applying for citizenship or asylum, the interior ministry said on Tuesday. “That, in turn, requires more political will and commitment at the higher level.

British police in May arrested five men wanted in Rwanda over the 1994 genocide following an extradition request from Rwandan prosecutors.

Three of them remain in custody, while two were released on bail. Their countries of origin included Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia, Sri Lanka and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the result of a Freedom of Information request by the BBC showed.

The ministry made “adverse recommendations” in the 15 months since January 2012 against 99 people investigated in war crimes cases who were already in Britain, the ministry said.

Each of the 99 had applied for British citizenship, asylum or leave to remain in Britain, it said. A further 16 suspects had applied to enter the country.

A spokeswoman for the Home Office said: “The government is determined that the UK should not become a refuge for war criminals.
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“Anyone accused of these crimes should be

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