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Suvasarya Pioneers Mixed Reality in Asian Ambulance Service with Pilot Projects in Colombo & Jaffna

Today marks a significant step forward for 1990 Suvasarya, as the ambulance service becomes the first in Asia to adopt mixed reality and AI technology for real-time doctor-paramedic communication. This innovative partnership with Wavenet and Microsoft marks a major advancement in emergency medical care for the region.

Previously limited to phone calls, communication between paramedics and doctors during critical emergencies could lead to delays and limited information exchange.

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Suvasarya's new system directly connects doctors and paramedics through mixed reality and AI, enabling real-time consultation and swift decision-making, ultimately leading to faster and more accurate medical interventions.
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The pilot project will initially be implemented in the Colombo and Jaffna districts, with plans to expand island-wide.

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This initiative reflects Suvasarya's unwavering commitment to providing high-quality emergency care to all Sri Lankans.

Minister Ramesh Pathirana announced a living expenses allowance of 10,000/= for all Suvasarya employees, acknowledging their dedication and service in saving lives.

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