Take Three

The vote to appoint a Speaker to the new Parliament just went into a third round, with the second round scrapped due to pandemonium in parliament.
The second vote was initially held up when Alliance MPs staged a sit in, in the centres of the Parliament Chamber in protest to UNP members revealing their vote.
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rnWhen the matter was resolved and voting resumed the situation took another dramatic turn as some MPs drift away from the Chamber, a little after the second vote recommenced.rn

rnSources say, the UNP MPs action to reveal their vote to party frontliners was to reassure Party leaders of their support to their candidate for Speaker. rn

rnHowever, if a third round also fails, political watchers say Sri Lankas legislature goes into a grey area in the countrys constitution. rn

rnSources say the Constitution does not have any remedies for a deadlock situation in appointing a Speaker to Parliament. rn

rnA cure to select a President after a deadlock situation, where the Secretary General of Par

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