Taking Tension Out Of Pension

Mr. Sumanasara, like most contributors to the mandatory provident fund, he has no idea how much the ETF makes by investing his contribution. rn

rnThe interest they pay annually has fluctuated between 7 to 14 percent over the last five years. Members however have little information on the actual return of the fund. A large part of the fund has been invested in government securities.rn

rnMr. Sumanasara regrets that more of his contributions were not invested in the private sector. rn

rnldblquote It is best if this money is invested instead of accumulating in one place. I feel that it is best that stock market shares or private company shares are bought with this money. Private sector management is more efficient and I have no fear about investing in the private sector or of losing my money, says he.rn

rnThe government is already looking at the private sector to manage pension funds in the future.rn

rnRetired private sector employees like Mister Sumanasara are willing to trust the private companies to