Talk Shop

Insurance consultant Chandra Fernando thought very little when he signed up for a Dialog GSM connection on March 30, 1995.
The 54 year old Fernando recounts that he just walked into the Dialog Arcadia Shop out of curiosity, after hearing about the new GSM cellular network.


rnHe said he was lured by a pretty sales girl called lquote Dharshini, who sold an Alcatel phone and a connection for Rs. 25,000.rn

rnTo get over the teething phase of poor coverage at his Kelaniya home area, Dialog even waived his rental for the first few months.rn

rnFernando, who became Dialogs first customer nine-years ago, has since switched over to a Nokia 6610i. rn

rnForty nine year old Dr. G R de Silva signed up for a Dialog GSM connection a fortnight ago, simply for lquote clarity and coverage.


rnLittle did the School Medical Officer for the Galle District realise that he had instantly become Dialogs millionth customer.rn

rnldblquote I was on a rival network for nine years, but the reception is not so good in

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