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Tax on essential goods removed


With due consideration to the current cost of living and difficulties associated with COVID – 19 the Government has removed import duties on essential commodities such as dhal, canned fish, B onions and sugar.

This will result in reducing the price of canned fish (large) to Rs. 200, a kilo of B onions to Rs. 100 and a kilo of sugar to Rs. 85 from tonight.

Consumers who purchase goods worth more than Rs. 500 including these essential items from Sathosa will have the opportunity to buy  a kilo of dhal at Rs. 150.

The Coconut Development Board, Kurunegala Plantation Company and Chilaw Plantation Company have increased coconut supply to Colombo. This will pave the way for customers to buy coconut at a reasonable price from Sathosa outlets. 

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