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Tea: July 2019 national average shows gains month on month


Aug 08, 2019 (LBO) - The national average for the month of July 2019 totalled 497.35 rupees against 494.48 rupees of June 2019, showing a marginal increase of 2.87 rupees month on month and in comparison to July 2018 average of 537.88 rupees however shows a decrease of 40.53 rupees.

When analyzing the respective elevational averages for the month of July 2019-high growns, totalling 449.10 rupees for July 2019 have recorded a decrease of 9.45 rupees vis-à-vis 458.55 rupees of June 2019.

When compared to July 2018, a significant decrease of 84.95 rupees is recorded YOY.

Mediums averaging 414.40 rupees for July 2019 have recorded a decrease of 16.34 rupees vis-à-vis 430.74 rupees of June 2019.

However, against July 2018 which recorded 478.95 rupees, shows a sharp decrease of 64.55 rupees.

Meanwhile, Low Growns totalling 538.63 rupees for July 2019 have recorded an increase of 12.11 rupees vis-à-vis 526.52 rupees of June 2019.

When compared to 555.71 rupees of July 2018, shows a decrease of 17.08 rupees YOY.

When analyzing the January-July 2019 cumulative average of 549.99 rupees, a decrease of 42.56 rupees is recorded vis-à-vis 592.55 rupees of January-July 2018.

High growns for the period January-July 2019 of 518.66 rupees have shown a decrease of 50.21 rupees vis-à-vis 568.87 rupees of January-July 2018.

Mediums too, averaging 476.75 rupees have shown a decrease of 54.76 rupees vis-à-vis 531.51 rupees of January-July 2018.

Meanwhile, low growns totalling 580.42 rupees for January-July 2019 have shown a decline of 35.70 rupees vis-à-vis 616.12 rupees of January-July 2018.

Both, the month and cumulative averages, show a greater decrease in USD terms compared to the corresponding period of 2018 due to the devaluation of the Sri Lankan rupee YOY.
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