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Teachers of Medicine Faculty condemns attack on medical students

The Faculty of Medicine Teachers Association( FMTA) is deeply concerned about the manner in which SAITM issue has been handled that has lead to strong protest by the university students and by many other professional organisations. There have been many student protests happening against this issue and the authorities have not taken any action to resolve it. The most recent was on 2nd Feb 2017. We understand that at this protest the medical students were attacked and tear gassed by the police. Police have chased the students and beaten even after they dispersed. As medical teachers we strongly condemn these attacks on the university students who were protesting peacefully. We are also concerned about maintaining the highest standards of medical education in Sri Lanka which is bound to deteriorate if medical institutions without proper standards are allowed to function.
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In view of continuous ignorance of the authorities to solve this long standing issue regarding SAITM, the Colombo FMTA is considering a strong trade union action in the future. Thank you Dr Manuj Weerasinghe President /FMTA (Faculty of Medicine Teachers Association)
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