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Teaching Teachers

Investment in teacher training in Sri Lanka is paying off with signs of improvement in both teaching and learning, says the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) office.
Recent studies show that over 70 per cent of primary school teachers in the Central Province now use learner centred teaching compared to 11.
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6 per cent 3 years ago.rn

rnThe positive shift is expected to nurture a more enthusiastic student population with a greater learning capacity. rn

rnA pilot programme started 3 years ago initiated the shift with investments in teacher training and introducing new thinking within the educational community. rn

rnTeaching and learning has improved after investments in teacher training, says the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) office.rn

rnThe GTZ study on Primary Education in the Central province of Sri Lanka shows a marked improvement in teaching methods and effectiveness after three years of teacher training programmes.rn

rnThe study also showed that teacher attention to weaker pupils has i

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