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March 09, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lankan fixed wireless operator Suntel, unit of Sweden's Telia is hoping to earn 15 percent of its revenue over the medium term from managed services in information technology, officials said. Suntel's debentures are listed on the stock exchange.

The service branded 'Suntel enabled' allows firms to concentrate on core business by outsourcing its IT and network design and operation requirement to the service provider, Suntel's head of marketing Hasitha Abeywardena told reporters.

"We started this because customers started asking for services like disaster recovery sites," Chief Executive Jeremy Huxtable said.

"So we realized it could be developed as a separate revenue stream."

The firm was already serving some of the largest corporates in the country with telecommunications and network services.

IT Director Tariq Marikar says outsourcing a part of whole of the IT needs to Suntel would help companies avoid committing capital to hardware and software.

"In addition out services are scalable," says Marikar. "This allows a firm to grow its IT platform with the growth of the firm, or even scale down when business is slow."

Marikar says outsourcing comp

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