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The Bright Side

US policy towards South Asia might offer a window of opportunity for peace and economic prosperity in Sri Lanka.rn

rnOn December 7, 1941 Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor and dragged America into World War II, which shook US foreign policy at its base.rnOut of the ashes of the World War II the United States and the former Soviet Union emerged as super powers.rn
That was also the beginning of active US involvement in world affairs partly to counter the growing influence of Russia and communism.rn

rnBritish colonies in south Asia and the US showed particular interest in India and China to counter the spread of communism. rn

rnThis new US foreign policy that sought to engage with other countries was in contrast to the founder President George Washingtons policy of lquote Isolation. rn

rnChina becoming a communist state halfway down the last century and the disintegration of the Union of Socialist Soviet Union (USSR) led to the US looking for dependable allies in South Asia. rn

rnUS policy t

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