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The Next G

Six licences to test and develop 3G cellular services are on offer, valid for one year for strictly non-commercial trial purposes.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) on Thursday sought entrepreneurs to test and develop third generation (3G) cellular services.
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rnTRC Assistant Director H.W.K. Indrajith told Lanka Business Online that the licences would not be restricted to existing telecommunications operators, but was open to all interested in 3G services.

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rnldblquote If we receive more then six applications, we will auction the licences, dblquote Indrajith said.rn

rnThe move heeds to calls from the industry for spectrum to test 3G services in Sri Lanka. rn

rnHowever, the testing and developing licence will not ensure a 3G operator licences at the end of the trial process. rn

rnConditions in the invitation limit the licence for testing purposes within a 5 kilometre radius within Colombo and will be allowed only one base station each. rn

rnSpectrum for the tests will b

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