The rural call

Local telephone companies have been connecting subscribers at almost record pace over the last few years. The telecom industry was the only one that put in double-digit growth rates even while the rest of the economy was in a slump.

rnWith the EGO and the smart subsidies things will get even better.

An astounding 20 million minutes of telephone call units a month come into the country. Most of this come from the nearly one million Lankans living abroad.rn

rnTelecom industry officials think the incoming call minutes could go up further when new players enter the market for international telephony. rn

rnInternational voice traffic go in and out of the country through what are known as external gateways.rn

rnAt present only Sri Lanka Telecom operates an international gateway for voice traffic although a monopoly which the company enjoyed ended in August last year.rn

rnAn unlimited number of external gateway operator licenses or EGO licenses are on offer.rn

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