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Third Innings

Sanjiva is excited about prospects for open source software in Sri Lanka.
Clad in a denim shirt like any other software engineer he is taking some time off from his regular job at IBM to work with some students at the Colombo University.rn

rnSanjivas involvement with these tech savvy students comes through the Lanka Software Foundation an industry association fully backing the development and commercialization of open source software.rn

rnLike most other open source development communities around the world, all it took was a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers like these people from the local universities to get started.rn

rnThis small group is already on their way on projects that could well become industry standards.rn

rnIBMs recent contribution of US$ 50 to get things going has given Sanjiva something to smile about. rn

rnldblquote We had to do with whatever available, like old computers, when we started. But now we have money and better equipment, dblquote says Sanjiva Weerawarana, Lanka So

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