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Sri Lankans applying to enter the US will be electronically fingerprinted with effect Wednesday, as the US toughens security laws at its embassies and consulates in 120 countries.

Together with the standard digital photograph, the fingerprinting process will be the second biometric indicator on all visas to the United States.
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rnldblquote It is designed to make the US more secure and make entry into the US easier so that officials at the other end know for sure who enters the country and when. It doesnt impede or stop people travelling dblquote , Acting Consul at the US Embassy in Sri Lanka, David.
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S. Williams said.rn

rnTaking an added 30 seconds, two finger scans are taken from each applicant in Colombo, and again at the point of entry in the US and compared for a match.rn

rnSome 80 points of comparison are used to match the fingerprints, unique to each individual, at the other end.rn

rnldblquote Srilanka is relatively small and has done quite a bit to add security initiatives to its docum

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