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The LTTE will decide on how it and the territories under its paw would participate in the April 03, 2004 snap polls.
The LTTE warned on Monday that it would honour the ceasefire agreement, but warned a snap poll was a setback to the budding peace process.


rn"Our liberation organisation will rigidly observe the ceasefire regulations and maintain peace," LTTEs chief negotiator, Dr. Anton Balasingham, was quoted on the Tamilnet website.


rn"The dissolution of the Sri Lankan parliament and the call for a snap election constitutes a grave setback to the peace process." rn

rn"The irrational lack of consensus among the Sinhala ruling elites on the resolution of the ethnic conflict has plunged the entire country into serious political instability," said Balasingham. rnrn

rnPolitical analysts say it is very difficult to gauge which way the LTTE would move and how it would react as the April election comes since the last election came in 2001, prior to the ceasefire agreement. rn

rnThe North and E

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