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Tightening Colombo

The government said Wednesday that it had beefed up security in and around Colombo after yesterdays bomb blast, but investors had lquote nothing to worry about as it was an isolated attack.

ldblquote Security in and around Colombo has already been increased but investors have nothing to worry because there is no huge safety issue here, dblquote General Secretary of the governing Alliance, Susil Premajayantha said at a press conference on Thursday.rn

rnThe governing UPFA points out that no investors were hurt during the years of conflict in Sri Lanka, unlike in many other countries, and says there is no reason to expect this situation to change.rn

rnldblquote We have taken all necessary steps to increase security in Colombo and other points of national importance like power plants and the port, dblquote Premajayantha said.rn

rnHowever, road blocks at check points, one of Sri Lankas biggest security headaches for civilians and visitors travelling in the city, will continue to stay off the roa

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