Tokyo Stock Exchange boosts capacity again

TOKYO, Nov 6, 2006 (AFP) – The Tokyo Stock Exchange said Monday it had raised its order handling capacity to 14 million per day from 12 million as part of an upgrade following a series of technical problems. Asia’s largest bourse came under heavy criticism after it closed early for the first time ever in January when a scandal at Internet firm Livedoor sparked a flood of selling that threatened to crash its computer system.

The exchange operator said in March it would spend 62 billion yen (525 million dollars) over three years upgrading its computer system.

“The TSE will continue to work to ensure confidence in our markets by making several improvements in market operation from the perspective of users, such as performing further system augmentations in the future as well as continuing work on the next-generation system,” the bourse said in a statement.

In November of last year, the TSE suffered its worst-ever system crash which paralyzed the exchange for most of the trading day.

The TSE is also being sued by Japan’s Mizuho Securities for 41.5 billion yen over its failure to allow the cancellation of a 40 billion yen erroneous trade in December caused by a simple typing error. The TSE is in ta

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