Too Hot

The competition is not unique to Sri Lanka, notes visiting CIMA President Bruce Epsley. ldblquote Other rival courses are also offering university degrees and so forth. So we plans to unveil a series of value addition measures to stay ahead of the pack,
dblquote he said addressing a media briefing today.

rnrnCIMA exams have got comparatively expensive by local standards due to recent fee increases and the rupee depreciation.

rnrnDian Gomez, President of the CIMA
quote s local chapter said the growth in new registrations have been flat during the recent past. He attributed the stagnation in registrations to both new competition and cost of the exam.

rnrnldblquote Since CIMA is a global qualification, there is no point lobbying for lower fees for local students. Instead, we are concentrating on value additions like better library facilities and foreign lectures to make sure the students pass at the first attempt
dblquote , Gomez said.

rnrnCIMA currently has 7000 Sri Lanka students registered at variou