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Top interior design trends for 2016


Lamudi has announced the top trending interior designs for 2016, paying homage to the fading stars of this year. According to the Lamudi trend forecast report, industry professionals can expect more artisan goods, and a further emphasis on sustainable materials, while mix metallics and metals will be embraced. “It’s time to say goodnight to calming blue interiors, and vintage tubs,” says Lamudi Global’s in-house design expert Daniel Carrasco Lara.
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“Modern and geometric designs will be popular this year, with au natural minerals expected to really take off.
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Watch out for a return to fresh modern hues, combined with beautiful bold simplicities.

” While Sri Lanka has seen growth in the real estate sector, the interior designs of modern homes are increasingly varied. While some Sri Lankan designers are using local materials for interior decor, quite a number turn to international fixtures and fittings. Top Three House Designs for 2016 Trend One: Geometric Tiles While decorative back splashing grew in popularity in 2015, 2016 will take this trend to the next level. As Sri Lanka welcomes the open house concept, smooth wood and cement will be key components to interior design. Whether it is intricately patterned tiles or countertops, fluidity of design will grow in popularity. Think outside of the box when it comes to geometric designs for the floor, backsplash or countertop. Trend Two: Minerals Are Back Au natural is the hottest design trend for minerals. Smooth, polished geodes attached to transparent plastics were popular in 2015 but the time has come to understated elegance of pyrite bowls on tables or unpolished stones used as door knobs. Expect quartz to raise its humble head, featured in display pieces in living rooms and bedrooms. Trend Three: Artisan Goods Consumers should welcome a mix of vintage and artisanal items paired with simple IKEA goods. Marrying a Mongolian Lambskin pouf and Moroccan rug with an-off-the shelf coffee table, will delight and surprise guests to your home. Weaving is back on trend, whether that is tassels and basketry or crochets, there is a movement for the traditional weave.
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Get inspired by local craft shops and support the local economy in the process. Waving Goodbye to 2015 Trend One: The Deep Blue You would be a rich man if you received a penny on Pinterest for every saturated blue room with a couple of hundred likes. Blue has always been popular, providing a calming effect on the chosen room. People think of the ocean when they see blue, endless possibilities, uncharted waters. For children, blue is probably the first colour you enjoy, from the skies to the sea. 2016 will see a move away from using sea blue in living rooms, toward the more sombre black and charcoal. Trend Two: Vintage Baths While it seemed the tub was the last thing bucking the trend for smart technology, 2016 will see the trend for vintage tubs replaced by high tech baths in modern styles. It is predicted the early adopters of new technology will welcome temperature-regulating baths into ever-smarter homes. The latest tubs will gently remind you when it’s time to get out, collaborating with the latest smart health trends.

They will also warm the water to the perfect temperature. These high-end units will even have a cup-holder to relax with your glass of wine after a long day.
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