Tough Run

NatWealth Corp., says the fund misappropriation allegations in the State media are politically motivated, baseless and a distortion on facts.
The retort came Thus., following up the State medias second onslaught on the Mahapola Trust fund management subsidiary.rn

rnThe allegations has also halted moves by DFCC to invest in NatWealth, and slowed efforts to grow the fund.rn

rnUnder these circumstances, the State media allegations, are ldblquote false, misleading, malicious and defamatory,
dblquote says NatWealth Chairman, Ranel Wijesinghe. rn

rnThe NatWealth directors believe the State media campaign is part of the political mud slinging prior to the April elections and points out that it also damages the image of Sri Lankas financial community and the professional practice.rn

rnThe directors of Nat Wealth are understandably upset by the slur to their integrity but Sri Lankas professionals have done little so far outside of preaching morality and good governance while corruption increased. rn

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