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CEAT Kelani Holdings Managing Director Ravi Dadlani (right) and Lanka Ashok Leyland CEO Umesh Gautham exchange the OEM agreement

Spin wizard Murali is spinning more than the ball for Sri Lanka, turning more Austrailian tourists here to watch him turn it on local wickets, says the Tourist Board.
Visitors to the island from down under went up to 1089 in May up from 720 the year before. Up to May 6,843 Australians have visited, up 23.5 per cent growth. rn

rnNew Zealanders also caught the flight here, with 912 visitors taking the local tour up from 840 for the January-June period. rn

rnThe Tourist Board attributes this sudden influx of visitors from Australian and New Zealand to Sri Lanka hitting headlines with local spinner Muttiah Muralitharan.rn

rnldblquote More people in these countries hear about Sri Lanka now because of Cricket and Muralitharan,
dblquote said Director General of the Sri Lanka Tourist Board, S Kalaiselvam.rn

rnThe impressive plus percentage growth though can be misleading. rn

rnThe actual number of visitors coming in to Sri Lanka from the Australasian region is still on the low side with compared to

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