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Toy Story

Local toy makers have had it tough over the last few years with strong competition form China. Exports have plummeted by nearly two thirds.
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The countrys export development agency says that the problems in the industry are various.


rnDynagro, a toy maker says that their factory exported some 150,000 wooden musical toys last year.rn

rnldblquote We mainly cater to the top market. And we have achieved that and we have seen growth, dblquote says Denham Mack, Dynagro Internationalrn

rnDynagro is doing well. They are keen to get into the high-end toy market in a big way.

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rnDynagro is in total contrast to other toy makers in the country who are struggling.rn

rnInternational buyers are not jumping to grab most locally made toys.rn

rnWhile the demand for toys worldwide is increasing, local manufacturers are struggling to get noticed.rn

rnldblquote Some subcontractors, when they are used to producing toys try to export it direct. And the buyers get confused, dblquote points out I

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