Toyota Lanka unveils future technology at ‘Future World’ exhibition


Toyota Lanka announced a pioneering Future World Exhibition on Toyota Automotive Technology held on 29th and 30th March 2016 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC). The first-ever comprehensive motor technology exhibition of its kind to be held in the country, Future World is open to all existing, potential and future customers and auto lovers to step into the world of Toyota’s technology. An electric ‘live’ atmosphere will keep visitors riveted for hours. Interested individuals can register for free online to avail gifts and discounts on products and spare parts, although walk-in visitors are also welcome. The two-day exhibition will feature diverse sections dedicated to various aspects of Toyota engineering such as future technology and green hybrid technology, which will offer insights into how to derive the best out of a Toyota vehicle. Future World will travel to six other locations in Sri Lanka over the following months. The Future World exhibition allows visitors to truly experience what the world of Toyota has to offer. Toyota Lanka’s efforts to stay ahead of the industry have resulted in the Toyota brand becoming the top-of-mind brand for car lovers in Sri Lanka. Future World is Toyota Lanka’s expression to communicate the passion with which Toyota vehicles are designed and to improve their knowledge about what makes these vehicles the best in the world. Having already received overwhelming feedback on the concept of the exhibition, the company urges discerning auto lovers to visit Future World. Toyota resource personnel will be on hand at the exhibition to answer queries and ignite the same passion about Toyota technology that drives the company globally. The design and layout of Future World resembles a futuristic international motor technology show setting that engages visitors. Toyota Lanka believes it is not enough to drive a Toyota; it would like customers to understand why they should select a Toyota. By understanding the science behind the technology, customers can make a more informed purchase decision. Future World also showcases two of Toyota’s latest models. It promises to be a historic show that no car aficionados should miss. In most cases, those contemplating vehicle purchases only ask for general specifications without knowing how that particular engine or the technology behind the car can add value. Toyota Lanka wishes to change this outlook by imparting knowledge to customers so that they are well versed in the inner workings of Toyota cars and feel more empowered. Future World will feature the following sections: Evolution Lab, which will offer information about technology and engineering; Safety, which will feature both active and passive safety features that drivers can leverage on; Environment, which showcases Toyota’s green technology; Future, where Toyota’s future automotive engineering will be revealed; Hybrids, dedicated to hybrid cars; Toyota Genuine Parts, where customers can touch and feel spare parts; Motor oils, to display Toyota approved products; and Pirelli, for tyres that Toyota relies on. Furthermore, Toyota personnel will showcase videos and movies about Toyota while speaking about road safety and other related areas. Another section, Toyota Live, will feature experts in areas such as motoring safety, vehicle maintenance and good driving habits sharing their expertise with visitors to the exhibition. Refreshments and exciting gifts will be on offer. The exhibition is free of charge and interested participants are encouraged to register online to receive E-invites and to avail discounts and gifts. Online registered visitors will earn greater benefits than walk-in visitors who are also welcome to Future World. (Media Release) Toyota - 05 Toyota - 01 toyota-lanka-future-world Vertical Toyota Logo
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