Trade Routes

Trade to the North East has taken to the road, washing away business for the seaports in the region.
The Trinco harbour saw the number of ships calling there drop to 121 ships, down 78 ships from 2002, the Central Bank said in its 2003 Annual Report, adding that this was mainly due to the improved land transport in the North and East after the ceasefire. rn

rnTrade to the region however is growing strong, with over 500 lorries plying the A9 route daily carrying everything from pots and pans to pillows and powder, while other routes to the war ravaged part of the island has not been estimated. rn

rnRevenue has also been dropping, falling from Rs. 374 million in 2001 to Rs. 230 million in 2002 to Rs. 186 million last year. rn

rnExpenditure however, took the opposite route, moving up to Rs. 418 million in 2003 from Rs. 353 million in the year before. rn

rnThe Trinco port made a loss of Rs. 144million in the same year adding to its earlier loss of Rs. 144 million. rn

-LBO Newsdesk:

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