Traffic Patrol

Consultants appointed to study Sri Lankas frequency spectrum commenced work in December 2002 and are expected to submit the final report before May 2003.
D.J Associates, the consultants appointed for the task will look at the countrys spectrum management mechanism and propose strategies to better utilise the scarce resource, while also recommending policies and third generation and other promising technologies. rn

rnA number of draft proposals are expected prior to the final proposal due before May. rn

rnThe consultants will are also responsible for training personnel to manage the spectrum once a working set up is in place. rn

rnThe consultants report will give strength to the proposed Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), a reincarnation of the existing Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to reflect the scope of the National Communication Policy. rn

rnThe CRC will be in charge of spectrum licensing and monitoring, with a specialised unit proposed being set up within. rn

rnThe co