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Transport Training

Dec 20, 2011 (LBO) - A Sri Lankan training academy has tied up with an American logistics organisation to certify its courses to build a body of transport professionals amid a post-war port and airport building boom. Sri Lanka's Shippers’ Academy Colombo (SAC) said it has struck a deal with the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (AST&L) to certify and endorse its transport and logistics courses.

The tie-up with ASTL, a professional organization founded by industry leaders in the US to promote continuing education in transportation and logistics, will improve professionalism in the field of transport and logistics in Sri Lanka, a statement said.

It follows a similar link-up between ASTL and the Singapore Shippers’ Academy to certify courses and to develop curriculum to suit the needs of the industry.

"This would be a new opportunity for the Sri Lankan logistics industry with the new initiative to bring in American certification to the emerging maritime economy of Sri Lanka," said Rohan Masakorala, chief executive of the Shippers’ Academy Colombo.

The American Society of Transportation and Logistics' CTL (Certified in Transportation and Logistics) certification program began in 19

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