Trickling In

The first tranche of Japans commitment at the Tokyo donor conference rolled into the country today through a grant of Rs. 1.198 billion for a water supply project in the South.
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Considered a much needed project for the drought stricken south, the funds will give over 28,655 people access to pipe borne water, while enhancing the service for 200,000 more people.


rnThrough the scheme policy makers also hope living conditions in the area would improve as water borne diseases and the physical hardships that women and children undergo to fetch water would decline. rn

rnA substantial part of Sri Lankas water supply systems have been funded by the Japanese government, with the total assistance exceeding Rs. 24 billion. rn

rnJapan committed US$ 1 billion a the Tokyo donor conference in June 2003, to be spent over four years.

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