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Trillium Hotels and VIP Residencies unveils luxury retirement complex

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Trillium, one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after real estate developers which aims to deliver comfort and elegance while merging the value of an exclusive lifestyle, is set to further diversify its offerings with the launch of Trillium Hotels & VIP Residencies. 

Positioned in the heart of Colombo 07, Trillium Hotels & VIP Residencies is set to transform the concept of lifestyles for those in retirement, offering a range of packages to suit budgets and inclusive of bespoke value additions that reflect an exclusive lifestyle. For those choosing to live at Trillium Hotels & VIP Residencies, residing in five star indulgence is a daily occurrence, while a diverse array of luxurious vignettes are added in, including customized meals, personalised grooming, care, health and wellness, uninterrupted medical attention via trained medical teams – doctors, matrons, nurses etc., concierge and butler services, housekeeping and the value additions of a rooftop bar, swimming pool, gym with personal trainers, multi-cuisine restaurant, library and lounge, private entertainment and dining spaces and chauffeured limousine services. 

Having identified a critical gap in the care of those in their twilight years, Chairman of Trillium Group of Companies Janaka Ratnayake explains, “Retirement has always been challenging in Sri Lanka especially due to various cultural and social norms permeated through generations. Contemporary lifestyles however have instigated new paradigms allowing those who are retired to indulge and add value to the lifestyle they have been used to. As we grow older, we need a sense of security for both physical well-being and peace of mind and Trillium Hotels & VIP Residencies therefore is founded on the vision of making life for those in their sunset years fulfilling, joyous and content.”

Director Rachitha Ratnayake adds that the complex welcomes both short and long term residents to this holistic approach to living.  “We are intent on having a space that not only creates that stability, security and peace of mind but also companionship and fellowship among a discerning collective of like-minded people. Choices include both independent and assisted living and we also welcome those who may like to live with us to convalesce post-surgery or pregnancy due to our close proximity to the premier private hospitals and our team of professionally trained doctors, nurses and attendants.”  The complex includes facilities for aiding mobility, incontinence management and accommodates visiting family and friends. 

“We are a first in this space of heralding a luxury lifestyle in retirement,” says Ratnayake adding that Trillium Hotels & VIP Residencies fills a need for those in the upper echelons of the population who are fast moving into their sunset years. “Caring for parents has become challenging given that younger generations have migrated, while independence and companionship are also two imperative factors for these retirees.  We deliver all this and more to ensure both physical comfort and mental well-being for not just the resident but the family too.”

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