Shippers and exporters are pushing hard for legislation to resolve a long standing billing dispute with ship agents and owners.
Shippers say the charge is being used by shipping lines to make profits, while making the countrys exports uncompetitive.rn

rnThe Shippers Council has abandoned talks with ship agents to resolve a long running dispute to get a single Freight Rate by scrapping a controversial Terminal Handling Fee.rn

rnldblquote We are willing to pay, give us an all inclusive price be cause we dont know your cost elements are,
dblquote says Rohan Masakorala, Past Chairman, Shippers Council.rn

rnShippers are now looking at Legislation to sort the issue.rn

rnldblquote We will not talk to the Shipping Agents any further because it has been a complete waste of time. This is where the legislation should come through,
dblquote says Ravi Ratnapala, Chairman, Shippers Council.rn

rnShippers and exporters want the Terminal Handling Charge included in to the Freight Rate as this would result i

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