Uber Eats launches in Negombo


Uber Eats announced the launch of operations in Negombo — its third city in Sri Lanka — allowing eaters to gain access to quality food and convenient delivery at the touch of a button!

The list of our partners such as global favourites Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut, along with local restaurants such as Dinemore, will enable Negombo residents to now explore an array of restaurants around their location and enjoy their favorite foods in the comfort of their own homes.

Commenting on the launch, Bhavna Dadlani, Lead of Uber Eats Sri Lanka said, “Over the past year, we’ve received high praise for our operations in Colombo and Kandy, which makes up optimistic about succeeding in Negombo, our third city in the country. Backed by best-in-class technology and a robust delivery network, we believe we will positively contribute to the growth of local food businesses in Negombo.”

With its network of delivery partners, Uber Eats helps local restaurants reach new consumers quickly, efficiently and reliably. Furthermore, Uber Eats also offers its delivery partners the flexibility of working on the job at any given time, along with a reliable income opportunity.

As a launch offer in Negombo, Uber Eats is offering new users 50% off on their first three orders. Eaters can use the ‘EATSUP50’ promo code to enjoy this discount, up to a maximum amount of LKR 250 per order.

(Media Release)

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