Uber Eats to launch in third Sri Lankan city – Negombo


Uber Eats, one of the world’s leading food delivery networks, will soon launch its operations in its third Sri Lankan city – Negombo. With a global presence in more than 500 cities across the world, UberEats has grown and expanded to be a market leader in Sri Lanka, where it collaborates with many delivery and restaurant partners to provide fast, affordable and convenient food delivery.

By looking to partner with the best and most loved restaurants in Negombo, UberEats provides hungry customers with a tasty selection of dishes at the simple touch of a button. Combining convenience, efficiency and delivery of delicious meals, UberEats continues to redefine traditional methods of food delivery. Customers in Negombo will soon have the opportunity to fulfill their food ordering needs at their convenience, within the comfort of their own homes.

Commenting on the upcoming launch, Bhavna Dadlani – Lead, UberEats Sri Lanka stated: “It has been very encouraging to see the response from restaurant partners in Negombo in the pilot phase. A number of restaurant owners have reached out to partner with us. We continue to receive a lot of love in Colombo and Kandy and are optimistic about Negombo. We look forward to becoming an integral part of the food culture of the city.”

As an app-based food delivery pioneer in a predominantly call-based food delivery market, Uber Eats Sri Lanka has seen immense support and popularity from its range of consumers. With evident success in Colombo and Kandy, Uber Eats Sri Lanka aims to offer reliable delivery options in Negombo, while simultaneously helping restaurants expand their capacity and customer base.

(Media Release)

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