Uber officially launches in Sri Lanka

Uber Colombo

Dec 09, 2015 (LBO) – Uber, a global ride sharing company with an on-demand technology platform and app that connects commuters who need a ride and licensed drivers, announced the official launch of its uberX product in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Wednesday.

“Demand for Uber is rapidly growing as more and more residents and tourists in Colombo open up the Uber app and take their first ride,” Varun Mundkur, senior launcher, Uber said in a statement.

“Our experience globally gives us the confidence that ride sharing and technological innovation in transportation can make cities safer, easier to get around, less congested, and more livable.”

With over 1 million credit cards and 11 million debit cards in Sri Lanka and over 20 percent of the population on smart phones, Sri Lanka is poised for Uber, the statement said.

UberX features air-conditioned sedans and premium hatchbacks at economical prices and is currently available in over 200 of the 360+ cities that Uber operates in.

Data from other cities with uberX service, such as New York, shows that the efficiency driven by the Uber platform helps drivers earn more while keeping fares affordable for riders.