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Uga Escapes, unveils Chena Huts


Uga Escapes consolidated its position in the leisure industry this month by unveiling its newest addition to its range of luxury boutique hotels, Chena Huts, a chic hideaway nestled deep within Yala constructed with an investment of Rs.
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800 million. 1.1 The luxury boutique hotel is located on a seven-acre expanse of land and comprises 14 guest pavilions or huts.
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Each hut houses a living room, bedroom, en suite bathroom and sheltered outdoor deck with a built-in plunge pool.

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Additionally, by utilising unique design elements such as thatched roofs, Chena Huts merges seamlessly with the surrounding environment to allow guests to appreciate the region’s rare flora and fauna and feel one with nature.

“With the current upsurge in tourism which is being experienced in Sri Lanka, this latest addition to Yala will only strengthen our foothold in the luxury hospitality market. Yala is a very popular destination with local and foreign tourists.
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With Chena Huts, guests will no doubt receive an opportunity to experience the wildlife Yala is famous for while being immersed in luxury and an amazing location,” said Uga Escapes Managing Director Priyanjith Weerasooria. 7 Chena Huts borders a tropical forest on one side and a picturesque lake on the other in an area frequented by exotic birds such as ibises, storks and flamingos.
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The nearby beach also offers visitors rare sightings of sea turtles laying eggs and elephants scouring the thick foliage in search of fodder.
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Offshore, a lighthouse marks the location of the Basses, a network of reefs dotted with ancient shipwrecks. Along its fringes a submarine canyon regularly attracts a large assembly of blue and humpback whales.
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5 This serene landscape makes Chena Huts a haven of tranquillity and comfort, with fully air-conditioned, opulent spaces, replete with plunge pools, offering guests spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape.
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The hotel’s Basses fine dining restaurant continues this effect by sporting a scale model of the series of reefs after which it is named including a model of a famous Portuguese ship that sunk in the 16th Century. Each of these sophisticated elements, together with Yala’s rich biodiversity, ensure that Chena Huts is poised to be among the most luxurious resorts of Sri Lanka’s premier safari destination.

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