Under Audit

An international governance watchdog Transparency International has asked the government to carefully study the proposed establishment of an Audit Commission to assure the independence of the Auditor General.
It however says there is no doubt that Sri Lankas auditing framework needs improvements.
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rnTransparency, which fights corruption, says that stakeholders should be consulted before major changes are made.rn

rnAn independent Audit Commission on the lines of other government commissions is expected to ensure autonomy of the government auditor.rn

rnExperts say the current set up is not geared to ensure the independence of the Auditor General who does public audits on state institutions.rn

rnThere are two major drawbacks to independence.rn

rnAuditor Generals budget is allocated by the treasury and as a result can be controlled by the government.rn

rnThe AGs budget has always been short of what has been requested.rn

rnIn addition to the budget the presidential secretary decides on appoi

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