Undersea Links

June 12, 2008 (LBO) – Lanka Bell, a Sri Lankan wireless fixed access firm, said its link to a high speed private undersea fibre optic cable operated by India’s Reliance group had gone live, enabling it to offer unrestricted broadband services. The company said in a statement it had already set up the infrastructure for BPO services such as Call Centres and International Data Centres (IDC) to take advantage of the FLAG submarine cable in which it invested three billion rupees.

Lanka Bell Managing Director Prasad Samarasinghe was quoted as saying the 1.2 Terabit cable laid at a cost of 27 million dollars would provide adequate bandwidth capacity for many years.

It would enable Lanka Bell and other telecommunications companies to offer a wide range of business solutions to Sri Lanka’s corporate sector, he said.

“Now, we are ready to maximise to the fullest, the commercial potential that the cable brings to Sri Lanka in the form of global voice, Internet solutions, managed bandwidth solutions based on multi protocol Label Switching (MPLs), International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) and value added services.”

Lanka Bell owns the cable’s Sri Lanka landing station as well as capacity rights.

Its link to the ‘Falcon’ se

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