Union Terror

ldblquote We have been out of our offices since December 28. Despite top-level government intervention, the environment is still not conducive for us to return to work
dblquote , he said.

The agitation was initiated by ruling party UNP trade union endash Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya (JSS), but senior UNP
quote s intervened to avoid damage to party
quote s pro-reform image.

However, the agitation has now been taken over by the CBEU with the hidden patronage from some elements People
quote s Bank
quote s long-standing management who are against the reform plan, according to members of the restructuring team.

In a media release today, the restructuring team alleged that this agitation is led by factions who are against reform and individual accountability for performance being implemented in the bank.

CBEU has earlier agreed that they will not interfere with external management appointments at a management meeting in November 2001, statement said.

ldblquote The CBEU is clearly breaking its commitment by t

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