Untangling Wires

The monopoly fixed line operator
quote s call rates were last raised by 15 percent in May, as per the pact signed between the government, and NTT of Japan in 1997.

rnThe deal allowed for domestic tariffs to be raised over four years, starting from June 1998. The first 25 percent increase came in June 1998, the second 25 percent in June 1999 and the third 20 percent materialised in July 2000.

rnHowever, the government as the majority shareholder blocked the fourth 15 percent revision in July 2001, due to its political sensitivity in the run up to elections. The final 15 percent slab was expected in July 2002.

rnOfficials from the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) were not available for comment, but the rate revision is expected to kick in from January 2003.

quote s request for a final rate revision comes, as the government is busy rolling out the map to fully liberalise the telecom industry.

rnrnThe government plans to offer class licences for international gateways to allow gr