Up for What?

Colombos benchmark All Share Price Index (ASPI) shot up about 100 points on the back of more reports of a breakthrough in the political deadlock.

However, stockbrokers say the actual ground situation on the political front has not changed significantly from two months ago. rn

rnThe only positive reports to come out of the political arena over the weekend, was news that the donor community detached part of its US$ 4.5 billion in aid commitments from progress with the peace process. rn

rnAs for a solution to the political deadlock, state officials said on Tuesday that the committee appointed to amend the power tug of war between the President and the UNF Government, would not meet that day as scheduled. rn

rnA fresh meeting has been set for Wednesday. rn

rnBrokers say the uptrend would be short lived unless firm progress is made with the political deadlock. rn

rnMeanwhile, on the trading floor, the ASPI closed at 1234.31, up a provisional 4.5 per cent or 53.36 points over Mondays close. rn<

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