US Embassy launches new website for Sri Lanka

The Embassy of the United States in Sri Lanka launched its new website ( yesterday, featuring a more mobile-friendly layout, with easy-to-access and more locally-relevant news and information.

The new homepage will allow users to quickly find answers to visa questions, U.S. citizen services, job opportunities, and business opportunities, as well as latest Embassy-related news and speeches. Over the next few days, existing links to the old website url ( will be automatically redirected to the new site.

The updated Embassy website has been redesigned to be more responsive to mobile devices, adjusting layout depending on the visitor’s screen size and allowing for faster loading of content over a mobile internet connection. This is especially important as online connectivity in Sri Lanka is increasingly paced by mobile access.

This is the first major redesign of websites for U.S. embassies around the world since 2007, which in total attracts 150 million visits and 618 million views each year. (Media Release)

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