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US Embassy to build 8 schools in East for USD3.3mn


On Friday, August 28, the U.S. Embassy signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build 8 schools for the different communities throughout the Eastern Province with Governor Austin Fernando and the support of the Eastern Provincial Council. These schools will be an investment of .

3 million (nearly 450 million Sri Lankan Rupees) to build education facilities that can also be used as shelters during natural disasters. “The United States remains dedicated to partnering with the Government to help provide schools and hospitals throughout Sri Lanka,” said U.

S. Embassy Defense Attaché, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ross. This sum is in addition to the United States’ pledge of $1 million for resettlement assistance in Sampur, where U.S. Embassy identified ‎two schools for future development to support Sri Lanka's efforts towards reconciliation.

“The Eastern Province and Sri Lanka deeply appreciate these projects and look forward to future projects for more communities in this province,” said Eastern Provincial Governor Austin Fernando. Since 2011 the United States Pacific Command has contributed over $9 million, including funding from last Friday’s signing, to the Eastern Province to develop education infrastructure. These efforts complement over $10 million in projects education and medical infrastructure already completed in the Northern Province over the past five years. (Media Release)
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