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US move to cut trade GSP privileges ‘shocking’: Bangladesh

DHAKA, June 28, 2013 (AFP) - A furious Bangladesh on Friday criticised a "shocking" decision by the United States to cut trade privileges after a deadly garment factory collapse, insisting it had taken concrete action to improve safety.
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In his announcement that Bangladesh was losing its duty-free trade privileges, US President Barack Obama said the Dhaka government had failed to protect the fundamental rights of workers.
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But Bangladeshi officials, desperate to persuade major Western fashion retailers to stay put, said it had enacted a series of reforms since the April 24 collapse of a factory complex in which 1,129 people were killed -- the latest in a series of disasters to blight the industry.

"It cannot be more shocking for the factory workers of Bangladesh that the decision ... comes at a time when the government of Bangladesh has taken concrete and visible measures to improve factory safety and protect workers' rights," a foreign ministry statement said.

"While Bangladesh is absolutely respectful of a trading partner's choice of decisions, it expresses its deep concern that this harsh measure may bring in fresh obstacles in an otherwise flourishing bilateral trade.

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The duty-free trade privileges had been accorde

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