Use technologies already have before aiming for Blockchain: CDO of MAS Holdings


Sept 13, 2018 (LBO) – Sri Lankan companies should use technologies that are already available in the Mainstream before aiming for technologies like blockchain, Chief Digital Officer of MAS Holdings said.

Speaking at the Economic Summit 2018 about transforming into the digital economy, CDO of MAS Holdings, Jehan Mutaliph told the gathering not to get caught up too much in the hype.

“Don’t get caught up too much in the hype. The Artificial Intelligence is not going to take your jobs yet,” Mutaliph said.

He said that there are mainstream technologies companies can start using before talking about things like blockchain.

“Because we always jump onto the next best thing forgetting there is so much of technology that you are not even using.”

Mutaliph said for them at MAS Holdings, technology, and digital is just the means of achieving their strategic imperatives.

“People are asking me what you do with blockchain; isn’t that the big thing to do?”

“And I say I’m not doing anything with blockchain because there are so many other things that I need to deal with; if blockchain is mainstream, maybe I look at it.”

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