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Value Deduction

Russian buyers favouring bulk tea over packed teas has been a leading factor in the drop.
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Commodity brokers say this is a disappointing tu of events and feel that Sri Lanka should move fast to capture and develop other value added markets.
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The Tea Board has identified Japan, the European Union and Austral Asia as potential value added markets.

China, a traditional tea drinking market is also being targeted for a variety of new tea based products targeted at the youth population. Meanwhile, total exports increased a tad, growing by less than 1 million kilos to 120.4 million kilos from 119.5 million kilos for the January-may period.
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Russia and other CIS countries continued to be the main buyer for Sri Lankan teas, importing an estimated 28 million kilos during the five month period.
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The collective group quotes buying has grown 27 per cent since 2000, soon after the region recovered from a prolonged recession.
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