Varsity Basics

A World Bank project to revamp tertiary education, pegging university funding to performance for the first time, will be rolled out by May this year.
The US$ 43 mn project funded by the World Bank will see the project through its implementation, spread over a five-year period.rn

rnSignificant is that universities are now being held up to be accountable endash carrot and stick so to speak, with future funding tied to performance and output. rn

rnldblquote What happens now is that payments are ad-hoc, regardless of the performance of the universities and they are not held up to be responsible for their output
dblquote , Tertiary Education and Vocational Training Minister, Kabeer Hashim told Lanka Business Online in an interview.rn

rnldblquote The funding will be tied to performance indicators, based on factors like the number of students, relevance of the course content, employability of the students etc. Those with the more marketable degrees will get more and so on
dblquote , he says.rn