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Veemansa Initiative webinar to discuss new developments at Colombo Port City

Asia’s newest landscape, the Colombo port city, is to be launched as a special economic zone under the aegis of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission.

The scope, incentive structure and the institutional setup of this special economic zone which was gazetted recently will be the theme of the webinar of “Asia’s Newest Landscape” which will be held on 07th of April 2021 at 2 pm, organized by the Veemansa Initiative –policy development and advocacy group. The Colombo port city is constructed between the southern edge of the new Colombo south port and the Fort Lighthouse. The total area of the sea to be reclaimed is 660 acres.

Dr P B Jayasundara, Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka will deliver the keynote address under the theme of " From Conceptualization to Realization of Sri Lanka's Iconic Development". As a policymaker with a pragmatic approach to economic development, Dr Jayasundara played a Key role in the Colombo port city development from the stage of conceptualization to the current state of development as the Secretary to Treasury during the Mahinda Rajapaksa presidency and as the Secretary to the President in the current government. 

His speech will be followed by Professor Bo Chen –a High-level advisor in China on special economic zones and other similar initiatives which have become resounding successes. Professor Chen will be speaking on the challenges and the opportunities of the Colombo port city drive towards a regional business center.

Nihal Jayawardene will discuss the legal and regulatory dimension of the proposed Colombo port city commission. His presentation will be interesting for those interested in the proposed legal and regulatory framework, as well as government policy makers.

Thulci Aluwihare, assistant managing director of the CHEC port city private limited, will also be featuring in the webinar and will be bringing the investors and developers’ perspective in this landmark project.

The Veemansa Initiative invites stakeholders who are interested in participating in the webinar to register on the Facebook page: - or via Zoom

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