Village Assistant

Adapting digital technology to connect a small back village in Sri Lanka, a pilot project has just kicked off in Udagama to provide access to internet based information in Sinhala to some 575 families.
The project will use the VillagePDA - entirely home grown, low cost Internet enabled devices developed by Media Solutions in Sri Lanka to provide affordable connectivity, and access to Internet based content.
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rnMedia Solutions officials say the content will help the families leverage real time information to grow their businesses.rn

rnldblquote The project target is to achieve poverty reduction and allied benefits corresponding to a 100% increase in household income for a minimum of 50% of the families in the target village over a one-year period, with reference to the baseline survey at project initiation. dblquotern

rnThrough the project 575 families in the village will have access information primariy about opportunities for education or vocational training and sustainable income-generating p

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