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Audrey Azoulay

Mar 31, 2011 (LBO) -, a division of Sri Lanka's Triad advertising agency said it had launched its first integrated marketing campaign in Singapore and is planning to enter Indonesia, Philippines and the Maldives. Advertisements developed by for the client had appeared in newspapers, magazines, hoardings.

"The digital campaign complete with a Facebook fan page, Google ads and banners was complemented by visits by celebrity bloggers who blogged, uploaded videos and tweeted about the launch," Triad said in a statement.

"This was aimed at aimed at reaching out to the tech savvy social media and blogger driven young adult market in Singapore."

The agency had engaged, The Sales Team Asia, a Singapore based firm for market research and to carry out activities on the ground.

"The Sales Team Asia whilst being our implementers in Singapore, shared local nuances, market trends and played an integral part in all our online brainstorming sessions," the agency said.

"This really exemplifies the flexibility and customization that offers to clients." says its work frequently appears in newspapers, magazines and websites in India and Singapore.

"We ho

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