Volatile Labour

Oct 25, 2009 (LBO) – Workers at Sri Lanka’s state-owned oil refiner said they plan to resume normal work Monday, ending a four-day work-to-rule action that created fuel shortages. Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) labour unions launched the action Thursday to back demands for a pay hike.

Their action disrupted fuel supplies, resulting in long queues outside filling stations.

Chairman of the CPC joint trade union Lakshman Ananda told our sister news website Vimasuma.com that they will launch a full-fledged strike if their demands are not met.

He said their action had succeeded in putting pressure on the government to grant their demand for a pay hike.

The labour union action, where workers refused to do over time work, disrupted fuel supplies to filling stations, and prompted a rush by motorists to fill their tanks.

That led to long queues outside filling stations many of which ran out of fuel.

Government officials said President Mahinda Rakapaksa is to meet labour union leaders Monday to discuss their demands.